It all started with my middle school ambition – I wanted to learn how those cool FPS games worked. I loved Wolfenstein, Quake, Doom, Duke Nukem, Half-Life, etc…and I just wanted to learn how they ticked, take a look under the hood. I taught myself how to use QuArK (Quake Army Knife) and Valve Hammer, harnessing my passions for art and three-dimensional space. I found myself building elaborate architectures, painstakingly applying textures, dissecting the best placement for a light source that will cast desirable shadows – drawing attention to focal points, etc. I loved building these maps more than I loved playing them. Rendering thousands of polygons and entities down into a single binary space partition (.bsp), something about that was gratifying.

I then had an idea of what I wanted to do. Years later, I decided that I wanted to be a software engineer and that is what I set out to become. I like to think of myself as being a charismatic, results-driven software engineer with proficiency in adaptability and problem solving. Experienced in .NET frameworks, team software engineering and agile development methodologies.

” David is passionate about programming, engineering and problem solving. He is a senior software engineer offering design, development and implementation experience in a variety of environments. David has proven himself to be a versatile team member and possesses the necessary skills to develop large, complex systems as well as being a very innovative software professional. He has had success working with teams as well as an individual throughout the system development life cycle. David offers the capability to understand complex business requirements and communicate design options using industry recognized best practices and tools.

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Professional Scrum Master
Scrum.org, August 2014 – Present

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: Web Applications
Microsoft, License F471-4469
November 2015 – Present

MS: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Specialist
Microsoft, License F105-5855
December 2014 – Present

MCPS: Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft, License F105-5850
December 2014 – Present

View David M. Pine’s profile on LinkedIn

View David Pine's profile on LinkedIn

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